Getting here

Getting to the region

Getting to this part of Indonesia usually involves a flight to Bali’s Denpasar International Airport (DPS), with numerous international connections, including Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Doha, as well as regional hubs such as Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. Cheap, 20-minute flights from Denpasar to Lombok Airport are also available.

Newly opened Lombok International Airport (LOP) lies closer to Gili Air than Bali, but currently only recieves flights from major airports in the region, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bali.

Getting to Gili Air from Bali

From South Bali, where the airport is located, several boat services depart eastwards to the Gili’s, taking between one and two hours, depending on which service you choose (the faster being more expensive). Shorter and quicker boat services also operate from south-eastern, and eastern Bali, closer to the Gili’s, but farther from Bali Airport.

Getting to Gili Air from Lombok

We recommend using Bluebird Taxi to get from the airport to Bangsal, and then taking a boat onwards to Gili Air. Please note that boats generally do not go to Gili Air after sunset, which occurs around 6 or 7 PM.

Finding Lucy’s Garden

Arriving in Gili Air Harbor, you’ll find Lucy’s Garden situated in the South-Western corner of Gili Air, a seven minute walk from the main harbor. There are always plenty of locals present in the harbor, simply ask them for directions. If you are carrying heavy bags, catching a cidomo (horse drawn cart) may be preferable, costing approximately $5 for the trip.

The front desk at Lucy’s Garden is open 24/7.

See below for a Google Map with basic directions. Clik and hold left mouse button to pan across the map.