Gili Air

Gili Air, the home of Lucy’s Garden, is one of the three Gili islands, situated in the Bali Sea, on Lombok’s western coast. Covered in palm trees, fringed by sandy beaches and surrounded by coral reefs, Gili Air offers opportunities for complete relaxation as well as exciting activities. Relax in a hammock or on the beach, dine on fresh, tasty food (Indonesian as well as Western cuisine) and watch the sunset while sipping a bottle of Bintang, the Indonesian beer of choice.

When you’re ready for a break from all the relaxation, go snorkeling or diving on Gili’s coral reefs, and swim with triggerfish, puffers, turtles and mantas. Or climb onto a surf board, and ride across Gili Air’s surf breaks. The particularly adventurous could even use Gili Air as a place to prepare for, and relax after an expedition to the crater rim or summit of Mount Rinjani, a 3726 meter volcano just east of the Gilis, on Lombok.

In some ways Gili Air’s atmosphere can best be described by contrast to its sibling islands, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Trawangan is known as a place for boisterous partying, while Meno is its polar opposite, a lightly populated, quiet place, known as the honeymooners island. Gili Air is a wonderful balance. While there are bars and live music in Gili Air, there is no loud, hardcore partying. And while large parts of Gili Air are as empty of people, quiet and relaxing as Gili Meno, cafés, restaurants, shops and other conveniences are always within short walking distance.

Staying at Gili Air, you will still be able to enjoy a day or night of Trawangan’s partying or Meno’s quiet isolation. Shuttle boats travel frequently between the islands, and there are also possibilities for affordable private charters.